The new shopping literacy ~ Customer Engagement


 The opportunity for analytics and data mining here are huge. With this continuous data gathering we can parse it into many, low cost, targeted advertising campaigns, contest, high value customer specials.

 Contest: to introduce the new shopping literacy to the shopper  Social Media: to push information to your users  Optional paid/free 3D goggles  Private label coolers: increase the pick time and delivery time.  A small deposit on the coolers will help you store them as well as continued advertising  Sale of digital end caps (can be different than actual store): can be sold to vendors by day, week or month  Drop down POS ads.: can be sold to vendors by day, week or month  Hard goods i.e. books, appliances, seasonal items, etc.: to expand your market area via drop ship sales  Digital store reset will occur off-line and cutover to live broadcast rapidly